Services & Programs

At MGP Speech Pathology, our range of quality services includes:kidbuildingblocks.jpg - large



If you are uncertain whether your child needs speech therapy, MGP Speech Pathology can complete a screening assessment of your child’s speech and language skills. 


From this, we will prepare a summary that gives you an indication of your child’s current skills and any resulting recommendations.  Following a screening consultation, a full diagnostic assessment may be recommended, or further therapy sessions booked as needed.


Screening assessments are offered for preschool and school aged clients.



Our speech pathology assessments use a combination of informal and standardised tests depending on the needs and ability of the client.  Following assessment, a summary or comprehensive report is available, as needed, and an individualised program is designed.


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A consultative approach is taken throughout the assessment in order to take into consideration the needs and

goals of the family and of other professionals involved.



Depending on the outcome of the initial assessment, follow-up may involve one or several of the following:

  • Regular therapy, or a block of therapy as needed
  • Further speech/language assessment
  • Review to monitor development
  • Strategies/activities for home
  • A home programme
  • Referral to another professional

Therapy sessions can go for 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on the client’s needs and abilities.


Please see Referral Information  if you are uncertain whether your child needs a speech pathology assessment or intervention, or Contact Us  to make an appointment, or discuss your concerns.