About Us

MGP Speech Pathology was founded in 2014 and offers the highest level of expertise and girlspeechbubble.jpg - largeexperience in speech pathology services for children, of all ages.


Based in Melbourne, MGP Speech Pathology offers a mobile speech pathology service, providing visits to client’s homes, schools and kindergartens to complete assessments and provide intervention.  Clinic based room services are also available on request.


At MGP Speech Pathology, we specialise in working with children who are experiencing

  • Language delays and disorders, including early language intervention
  • Speech delays and disorders, including articulation and phonology delays and difficulties
  • Stuttering and fluency difficulties - we are trained in the use of the Lidcombe Program for children who stutter
  • Learning, literacy and listening difficulties
  • Voice disorders
  • Social communication and pragmatic language difficulties
  • Swallowing and feeding difficulties

We also are experienced in providing voice, swallowing and communication assessment and intervention for adult clients.


Parent and carer training and education, as well as preschool and school support is also provided.  Your speech pathologist will work closely with other health professionals involved in your child’s treatment, as appropriate, such as GPs, Psychologists, Ear Nose and Throat specialists, and Occupational Therapists to ensure positive, holistic outcomes for all clients.


MGP Speech Pathology strives to achieve the best outcomes for our clients, their families and caregivers. Assessment and management plans are individually tailored, within a client-centred model of care, to best address our client’s needs.  Services provided are based in evidence reflecting current research findings across all areas of assessment and intervention.


MGP Speech Pathologists are Certified Practicing Members of Speech Pathology Australia, ensuring you get the most up-to-date care.  We are registered with Medicare and all Private Health Insurance companies.


No referral is needed to access Speech Pathology services, although a Medicare rebate may be available with an eligible referral from a GP.  


Please see Costs & Funding for more information.